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Meet the Team

Our dedicated team at GMS Therapy, LLC is comprised of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience and a diverse array of therapeutic approaches to our practice. We are a community of compassionate psychotherapists who believe deeply in the power of human connection and resilience. Our collective goal is to provide an empathetic, nurturing space for individuals, couples, and families to explore their emotional experiences and foster personal and relational growth.

Frances Ayala, MSW E-FIT

Frances I. Ayala, LICSW, LCSW-C, LCSW


Frances has treated children, adolescents, families, and adults for over a decade. Frances intends to help individuals and families “grow and love well,” and to empower them with the skills and insights to build meaningful relationships, find solutions to problems, and live a full human experience. Frances offers her compassion, creativity, and clinical skills to help families and individuals on their path toward connection, healing and growth. 


Frances integrates relational, psychodynamic, and trauma-informed approaches, as well as play therapy, art therapy, talk therapy and into her individual, family and group therapy work. 


Frances has experience working with behavioral concerns, attachment concerns, trauma, grief, depressive symptoms, and anxiety symptoms. She tailors her therapeutic approach to meet the unique needs and goals of individuals and families, employing a collaborative and strengths-based approach to empower them to overcome obstacles and achieve big and small victories.


Frances is trained in the following evidence-based models:

  • Attachment Biobehavioral Catch-up Intervention

  • Circle of Security Parenting Intervention

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy-Toddler

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

  • Child-Parent Psychotherapy.


Frances is affiliated with Mary’s Center where she offers individual, family, and group therapy, and specializes in infant and early childhood mental health, treating babies and young children 0-7 yrs old, with their parents. 


Frances is a bilingual (Spanish-English) licensed mental health provider in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Connecticut. She received her Bachelor of Social Work from La Sierra University, Master of Social Work from the University of Connecticut, and Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Mental Health from Georgetown University.  

Our Associates

The propensity to make strong emotional

bonds to particular individuals is a

basic component of human nature.

John Bowlby



I believe that connection with ourselves and others is the foundation of wellness and healing, and has the capacity to heal the deepest of wounds. Whether it is the bond between children with their parents or the relationship individuals share with their family, loved ones, and communities; connection shapes our perception of the world.  I believe that personal growth flourishes in the context of relationships, fostering the resilience of the human spirit.  

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