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School Consultation

We extend our expertise in early childhood mental health beyond the therapy room and into the educational environment through our comprehensive School Consultation services. We firmly believe that children's educational experiences significantly impact their development and mental health, and we're committed to collaborating with schools to foster environments that support the emotional, social, and academic needs of their youngest students.

Our School Consultation services are designed to equip educators, school staff, and administrators with the knowledge and skills they need to understand and address the mental health and developmental needs of children in their care. These services include:

  1. Training Workshops: We provide informative and interactive workshops on various topics related to early childhood mental health, such as understanding developmental milestones, managing classroom behaviors, promoting social-emotional skills, and recognizing signs of trauma or mental health concerns.

  2. Individual Student Consultation: Our team can collaborate with school staff to develop individualized strategies for supporting students who may be experiencing behavioral, emotional, or developmental challenges. We can help create tailored interventions and behavior management plans that align with the child's needs and the school's resources.

  3. Classroom Observations: Our therapists can conduct observations in the classroom setting to understand the dynamics and identify potential areas for improvement. Based on our observations, we provide actionable recommendations for enhancing the classroom environment to better support students' mental health and development.

  4. Policy and Program Development: We assist schools in developing and implementing policies and programs that promote mental health and well-being among students. This could include setting up a school-wide mental health program, developing a crisis intervention protocol, or creating policies that foster a supportive and inclusive school culture.

  5. Staff Support and Self-Care: Recognizing that the well-being of educators and school staff significantly impacts their ability to support students, we also provide resources and strategies for stress management and self-care.


Our School Consultation services reflect our commitment to promoting mental health and well-being in early childhood, not just within families but also within broader systems that impact children's lives. We're here to partner with schools in their mission to nurture the growth, resilience, and success of their students.

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