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Circle Of Security Parenting (COSP)


Circle of Security is a parent-education program designed to strengthen the bonds between parents and their children. It's based on years of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

Using the Circle of Security model, our group sessions work to help caregivers better understand their children's emotions and needs, improve their children's emotional well-being, and enhance their own parenting skills.

Here's how it works: Imagine a circle. Your child starts at the "base" (with you), goes out to explore the world, and then comes back to the base for comfort and reassurance. This is a natural, healthy pattern for children, and as parents, our role is to support both their need for exploration and their need for connection.

In the Circle of Security group sessions, we discuss and learn about ways to:

  1. Support your child's exploration: This could be about encouraging your child's independence, being genuinely interested in their activities, or helping them solve problems.

  2. Welcome your child's need for connection: This might involve being there for them when they're upset, offering comfort, or delighting in their presence.

We also address situations where this natural flow might be interrupted. For example, sometimes parents might find it hard to support a child's exploration because it stirs up worries about the child's safety. Or, a parent might struggle to welcome a child's need for connection because the child's distress is upsetting.

By understanding these patterns, you'll learn how to respond to your child's needs in supportive ways, even when it's challenging. You'll become more skilled at recognizing what your child needs from you at a given moment – do they need help, comfort, or encouragement to explore? And you'll learn how to respond in ways that help them feel secure and confident.

The Circle of Security can be delivered individually or in a group setting. In a group format, it's not just a class; it's a supportive community. You'll meet other parents who are facing similar challenges, and together, we'll learn, share experiences, and support each other in our parenting journey. By participating in the group, you're taking a significant step towards understanding and responding to your child's emotional needs and fostering a secure, nurturing relationship.

Learn more about Circle of Security here.

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